Hytch Rewards Helps defeat Nashville Traffic

When the Nashville Transit Plan failed to pass, residents were left to believe they were without an answer to the problem of traffic congestion that continues to impact their daily lives. On Tuesday, June 19, Nick Justice, Hytch’s Operations Director, spoke with WZTV Fox 17 of Nashville to highlight a creative service solution that has […]

Ridesharing with Mayor Randall Hutto

Wilson County Mayor Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto sings oldies in the shower and does not enjoy eating booger flavored jelly beans. We’re sure you won’t find that anywhere on his résumé, but it’s amazing what you can learn about someone while sharing a ride. Hutto Hytched through Wilson County to experience the new Ride-Sharing […]

Beating traffic with Mayor Rick Graham

Mayor, City of Spring Hill Rick Graham, Mayor of Spring Hill, says alleviating traffic congestion is a top priority. “When I got elected, the people said, ‘Get us a Chick-Fil-A and fix the roads,’” says Spring Hill mayor Rick Graham with a laugh. The mayor has delivered on recruiting Chick-Fil-A; addressing traffic congestion in Spring […]

Tennessee General Assembly Invites Cleveland to introduce Hytch Rewards

There’s buzz in Nashville around making Tennessee the first state in the nation to offer cash rewards for shared rides.  In this video, Co-Founder and CEO Mark Cleveland explains how the plan works to the Business and Utilities Committee, Tennessee General Assembly.  Cleveland’s social impact technology company built a mobile app, called Hytch Rewards that […]