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Talking Carbon Credits, Cryptocurrency, and Cash for Choosing Responsible Transit with Hypepotamus

      Mark Cleveland spoke with Hypepotamus’s Holly Beilin about changing transit behaviors for single occupancy vehicles and how Hytch continues to impact Nashville and the tech community. “Everything is optimizable based on rules and data,” he says. “In consumer congestion, there’s no organizing principle, there’s no set of rules, and therefore we have […]

The Day Our World Melted Down

This is a personal reflection on the toughest day I never imagined. My team had a great holiday.  Hytch Rewards has been hitting on ALL CYLINDERS and a very talented team came to work today, relaxed and ready for our typical challenges and a SHORT work week. We were FLAT NOT READY for today.  I […]

Hytch Makes Carpooling Pay in Tennessee

Mark Cleveland understands how hard it can be to get people and companies to make sustainable choices. The startup he founded, Hytch, has a solution that’s taking off fast: cold hard cash. To put it simply, Hytch pays people to carpool, or otherwise team up on their daily commutes. Since launching in February of this […]

Community banks are embracing innovation to ease congestion in their communities

Community banks are embracing innovation to ease congestion in their communities Franklin Synergy Bank and Reliant Bank have joined Hytch Rewards to tackle traffic and defend clean air. THE TENNESSEE BANKERMay/June 2018 Franklin Synergy Bank and Reliant Bank are taking the term community bank to a whole new level. They are directly influencing community transit […]

Hytch Rewards Helps defeat Nashville Traffic

When the Nashville Transit Plan failed to pass, residents were left to believe they were without an answer to the problem of traffic congestion that continues to impact their daily lives. On Tuesday, June 19, Nick Justice, Hytch’s Operations Director, spoke with WZTV Fox 17 of Nashville to highlight a creative service solution that has […]

Tennessee General Assembly Invites Cleveland to introduce Hytch Rewards

There’s buzz in Nashville around making Tennessee the first state in the nation to offer cash rewards for shared rides.  In this video, Co-Founder and CEO Mark Cleveland explains how the plan works to the Business and Utilities Committee, Tennessee General Assembly.  Cleveland’s social impact technology company built a mobile app, called Hytch Rewards that […]

Hytch Rewards Receives 2018 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award

Nashville, Tenn, July 9th, 2018 – Technology created by Hytch LLC and used by employers of all sizes to motivate smarter mobility decisions has earned this Nashville-based company the 2018 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award. Today’s presentation by Governor Bill Haslam and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner Shari L. Meghreblian recognizes exceptional voluntary […]