Thompson’s Station mayor backs HOV enforcement, ride sharing incentives

If you “run your mouth too much at a town hall meeting” what happens? You get elected mayor, of course. Well, if you’re Thompson’s Station Mayor Cory Napier it happens that way, more or less. Napier moved to Thompson’s Station from Green Hills 20 years ago “to get away from traffic.” Imagine his frustration now […]

Ridesharing with Mayor Randall Hutto

Wilson County Mayor Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto sings oldies in the shower and does not enjoy eating booger flavored jelly beans. We’re sure you won’t find that anywhere on his résumé, but it’s amazing what you can learn about someone while sharing a ride. Hutto Hytched through Wilson County to experience the new Ride-Sharing […]

Beating traffic with Mayor Rick Graham

Mayor, City of Spring Hill Rick Graham, Mayor of Spring Hill, says alleviating traffic congestion is a top priority. “When I got elected, the people said, ‘Get us a Chick-Fil-A and fix the roads,’” says Spring Hill mayor Rick Graham with a laugh. The mayor has delivered on recruiting Chick-Fil-A; addressing traffic congestion in Spring […]

Carpooling with Mayor Rogers Anderson

Mayor of Williamson County, and current Chairman of Mayor’s Caucus of Middle Tennessee While Hytchin’ with Carissa Biele, Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson is quick to admit that he’s participated in hitching before. Hitching with an “I”? — Shady. Hytchin with a “Y”? — Smart. While sharing a ride through busy streets of Williamson County, […]

Hytchin’ Around with Eric Stuckey, City of Franklin

Franklin City Administrator Eric Stuckey: As Franklin grows, demands on infrastructure increase Franklin city administrator points to better use of HOV lanes and ride sharing technology as ways to address traffic congestion. It’s no surprise that Franklin, Tennessee, is thriving and growing. After all, it’s an exceptionally desirable community in which to live and work. […]

Starting a Hytch with Rep. Mike Sparks

Tennessee State Representative Mike Sparks – Smyrna Area Picture yourself driving up to Nashville on I-24 or I-65 and imagine the last time you saw a single occupant vehicle pulled over for violating Tennessee’s HOV lane laws? Drawing a blank?  State Representative Mike Sparks has something to say about that. Nashville entertainer Carissa Biele took […]

Ridesharing with Ralph Schulz

President & CEO – Nashville Chamber of Commerce If you’re considering joining in a contest of Nashville trivia, make sure Ralph Schulz is on your team!  As President and CEO of the Nashville Chamber, he specializes in all things Nashville — facts, statistics and information about Nashvillians’ lifestyles are essential to his work for the […]

Let’s Hytch with Lee Rucks

President – Leadership Middle TN Action Oriented –  Regional Thinking – Leadership Middle Tennessee on Traffic Solutions When Leadership Middle Tennessee president Lee Rucks accepted the invite to share a ride with Hytch – Carissa Biele had some tricks in mind – but Rucks didn’t miss a beat.  Carissa’s infamous trivia challenge didn’t stump her […]