Carpooling apps ‘lyfting’ commuting burdens for employers

Three months ago, Onin began offering Hytch, a smart phone application that pays employees several cents per mile to carpool, to workers at a Nissan manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. Thomas is hoping that Hytch will become a way to reduce the cost of transportation, and make sure employees keep showing up for work. Continue […]

Thompson’s Station mayor backs HOV enforcement, ride sharing incentives

If you “run your mouth too much at a town hall meeting” what happens? You get elected mayor, of course. Well, if you’re Thompson’s Station Mayor Cory Napier it happens that way, more or less. Napier moved to Thompson’s Station from Green Hills 20 years ago “to get away from traffic.” Imagine his frustration now […]

Hytch Rewards: Cash Incentives for Carpools & Public Transit

As the “traffic problem” continues to grow in Nashville, the Hytch Rewards app has found a way to help decrease the number of cars traveling back and forth to work every day. Working with partners like Nissan, Sprint, Franklin Synergy Bank, Reliant Bank, David Lipscomb University and others, the Nashville-based social impact tech company has […]

Nissan and Hytch Will Pay You to Carpool

Nissan is throwing its weight behind startup  Hytch  and its interesting   Hytch  Rewards program. Unlike other carpooling schemes,  Hytch  Rewards will pay drivers and riders — likely family or coworkers — to carpool.  Hytch’s  CEO calls it “incentivized carpooling,” which is smart, because sometimes the only way … Continue To Original Publication

Nissan Offers Cash to Get People to Carpool

A new app called   Hytch Rewards    is paying people to share rides by partnering with companies and organizations that want to promote carpooling for reasons such reducing traffic congestion, fuel usage, and tailpipe emissions.  Hytch  partners pony up cash rewards (and other incentives, …) to get employees and others to carpool. Continue To Original Publication