Hytch Rewards Claims First 700 Tokens on C4Coin Blockchain

CO2KN, developer of carbon-negative blockchain C4Coin, announced that Hytch Rewards will claim 700 of its CO2KN in the genesis block. The Hytch platform will generate carbon offsets based on ride sharing behavior of users. Companies use the Hytch Rewards platform to incentivize employees and more directly connect them to the organization’s sustainability goals. Hytch buys […]

Hytch Rewards Joins Carbon Neutral Checkout

Carbon Credit Capital welcomes Nashville-based social impact technology company Hytch, LLC to our family of brands offering carbon neutral products and services. Hytch Rewards: Financial Incentives to Ride-Share, Alleviate Traffic Congestion, Improve Air Quality, Build Community in Urban Areas. In early February 2018, Hytch, LLC launched an application for iPhone and Android called Hytch Rewards. […]