Meet Our Partner


Meet Reliant Bank. Headquartered in Franklin, TN, Reliant Bank recently made the news for it’s merger with First Community Bank & Trust, which has expanded the Reliant Bank footprint throughout Middle Tennessee. With their slogan “Grow Together,” Reliant Bank is also helping Hytch Rewards to grow our presence in new counties, including Hamilton and Maury. 

“We admire what Hytch Rewards is doing to help alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality in our communities ,” said Kim York, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Reliant Bank. “Through our sponsorship, Reliant Bank provides opportunities for individuals to ride share - and be rewarded for the conscious decision to make a difference. It’s about partnership, promoting strong connections, and helping foster a healthier, less congested environment where we live and work.”

Reliant Bank understands the environmental, health, and financial burden that comes with traffic congestion. More people sharing rides means reduced traffic, cleaner air, lower stress, and, thanks to Hytch Rewards, more money in everyone’s pocket!

One segment of the Reliant Bank community who feels the financial burden of the daily commute is college students.

“We know just being a college student is challenging enough, so our team at Reliant Bank was thrilled with the opportunity to help relieve some of the financial burden faced by students trying to get to classes and jobs - through cash incentives for ride sharing,” said York.

If you’re traveling to destinations within Davidson, Williamson, Robertson, Hickman and Sumner counties, you’ll earn an extra $0.01 per shared mile, compliments of Reliant Bank. If you’re sharing a ride that ends in Hamilton, Maury, or Rutherford counties, you’ll earn an extra $0.04 per shared mile! And finally, for the college student making their way to class or an on-campus job, you’ll earn an extra $0.04 per shared mile when ending a ride on the Lipscomb or MTSU campuses. 

The buck doesn’t stop with college students, either. Habits, both positive and negative, start young, which is why Reliant Bank is excited to be an early supporter of the Hytch School Bus Ridership Rewards Program for Williamson County Schools, which incentivizes students to ride the bus, instead of driving or being dropped off in a car. Commuter congestion is especially difficult near school zones, but if more students are willing to take the bus, key bottlenecks surrounding Williamson County will thin away. In this pilot program - starting in the fall of 2019 - students will be able to sync their smartphone with the school bus to earn rewards, instead of connecting with other passengers.

The big question is, what will you do with all those extra rewards lining your pockets? In the same way that Reliant Bank is helping to foster positive ridesharing habits in our youth, they are here to help foster positive financial habits among all individuals. When choosing a financial partner, especially for checking and savings, know that you can always rely on Reliant Bank!

By: Keeley Caverno