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Get paid for carpooling to work with Hytch Rewards! 

About Hytch Rewards

Onin Staffing is a proud partner of Hytch Rewards, a free smartphone app for iPhone and Android that rewards employees like you for sharing a ride to work.

Onin Staffing is funding the rewards for employees and staff when two or more users start a Hytch.

When you share a ride to work with someone else like a co-worker or friend, you are reducing traffic on the road and reducing the pollution created by cars in our environment. More shared miles means fewer vehicles on the road, which means reduced traffic congestion, lessened parking demand, and improved air quality. Hytch Rewards also helps to build community by getting more friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers to spend more time together while traveling.

Stronger communities are safer communities. For all of these reasons, Onin is bringing additional rewards to the Hytch Rewards platform.

Activating your Hytch app with Onin staffing rewards

Onin's intent is to make commuting worthwhile, and that means rewarding behavior! Through the Hytch Rewards app, Onin teammates and   Oninites  who carpool to the Nissan factory with other co-workers and friends can earn cash rewards.

Our partnership offers the following rewards, subject to change:

  • $0.04 per mile when two or more employees end at Nissan Factory, up to 50 miles a trip
  • $2.00 for the entire trip when two or more employees end at Nissan Factory,  for a trip over 50 miles a trip
  • $0.01 per mile for a non-employee when two or more people end at Nissan Factory, up to 30 miles a trip
  • $0.30 for the entire trip for a non-employee when two or more people end at Nissan factory, for a trip over 30 miles
  • Additional $1.00 for a driver when two or more employees end at Nissan Factory

Consistent Hytch users can make up to $30/month by choosing to share rides!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Onin Staffing choose the reward areas?
Onin   is committed to creating a culture of sustainability within its workforce. By rewarding employees who commit to making positive mobility choices by carpooling, ridesharing or using public transit to get to work, Onin is able to reinforce community and environmental responsibility.

Do Onin Staffing employees have access to a Promo Code?
Onin Staffing employees must enter their employee ID number in the promo code field option during activation in order to be eligible to obtain rewards. See video at the top of the page for step by step instruction.

What challenge does Onin Staffing hope to overcome through this partnership?
Onin   wants to alleviate the everyday stress of commuting far and wide to get to work. By rewarding our committed employees, teammates and   Oninites, we are able to create a strong affinity. Additionally, Onin is conscious of its impact on the environment and wants to encourage their employees to make small but impactful decisions to make our world a better place.

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Still  have questions? Contact your Human Resources manager or contact our Support team   here.