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Onin Staffing is a proud partner of Hytch Rewards, a free smartphone app for iPhone and Android that rewards individuals for ridesharing. The app uses synchronized GPS technology to validate that two or more people are within proximity and traveling along the same path at the same speed. Partners of the Hytch Rewards program, including Onin Staffing, make mile-by-mile cash rewards available for specific destinations.


More shared miles means fewer vehicles on the road, which means reduced traffic congestions, lessened parking demand, and improved air quality. Hytch Rewards also helps to build community by getting more friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers to spend more time together while traveling. Even buses and trains are seeing improved sense of community because riders who see each other every day (but never talk) are starting to talk! Stronger communities are safer communities. For all of these reasons, Onin is bringing additional rewards to the Hytch Rewards platform.


About Our Partnership

Onin's intent is to make commuting worthwhile, and that means rewarding behavior! Through the Hytch Rewards app, Onin teammates and Oninites who carpool to meetings and lunches with co-workers can earn cash rewards, above and beyond the market rewards made available through other Hytch partners.

Our partnership offers the following rewards, subject to change:

  • $0.04 per mile when two or more employees end at Nissan Factory, up to 50 miles a trip

  • $2.00 per mile when two or more employees end at Nissan Factory, over 50 miles a trip

  • $0.01 per mile when two or more non-employees end at Nissan Factory, up to 30 miles a trip

  • $0.30 per mile when two or more non-employees end at Nissan factory, up to 30 miles per trip

  • Additional $1.00 for driver when two or more employees end at Nissan Factory

To learn more about how the Hytch Rewards app works, check out the following links:


Partnership FAQs

Still have questions about our partnership? We have answers!


How did Onin Staffing choose the reward areas?

Onin is committed to creating a culture of sustainability within its workforce. By rewarding employees who commit to making positive mobility choices by carpooling, ridesharing or using public transit to get to work, Onin is able to reinforce community and environmental responsibility. 


Do Onin Staffing employees have access to a Group Code?

Onin Staffing employees must enter employee ID during activation in order to be eligible to obtain rewards.


What challenge does Onin Staffing hope to overcome through this partnership?

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