Hytch Rewards Goes National with Sponsorship of Van’s Warped Tour

Van’s Warped Tour bands, fans, and staff will be able to earn rewards for carpooling as they travel cross-country for the Final Full Cross Country Tour of the legendary summer concert series.

When fans use Hytch to ride-share on their way to the Van’s Warped Tour, they’ll earn cash rewards from Hytch and continue to save trees anywhere else they travel with two or more people.

Hytch Rewards technology is now positioned to track organized events thus setting the stage for expanding smart mobility to well-traveled conferences and tours.

“Our technology is unique in that setup is easy and can happen anywhere fans and friends come together to share an experience,” said Mark Cleveland, CEO and cofounder of Hytch.

Hytch Rewards on Warped Tour means fans will arrive ready to rock, having done one little thing to save the planet already. “Each event location is specifically relieving the traffic congestion that large productions can bring to heavily populated areas,” added Cleveland.

When organizations and traveling productions partner with Hytch for the benefit of fans, staff, and venue, they are intentionally lowering their carbon footprint by incentivizing carbon neutral or carbon negative ride-sharing habits.

This is the first sponsorship of its kind for Hytch. “We’re planting the Hytch forest by saving trees with every carbon neutral mile shared,” said Jacky Gomez, Hytch Partnership Manager.

“We’re honored to be a part of so many memories that are going to be made this summer on the final full summer of Van’s Warped Tour,” said Gomez.


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Williamson Source - May 2018