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Houston Chronicle

Hytch Rewards Claims First 700 Tokens on C4Coin Blockchain
Houston, TX July 2018

Everyday commuters to earn Hytch Tokens based on the CO2KN’s standard, rewarding environmentally conscious transportation decisions. 

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Hytch, An App That Pays Users for Sharing Their Ride, Lands Impact Investment Dollars
Hypepotamus - Aug 16 2018

Hytch, a sustainability-focused ridesharing tracking platform, is the first recipient of the first southeastern-focused impact investing fund. The $1.71 million fund was established last year by public-private entrepreneurial support organization LaunchTN and is funded by business consultancy firm XMI Growth, angel investors and family offices.

Hytch, a two-year-old startup based in Nashville, has developed a platform that rewards users — with trees saved and in specific geographical areas, cash — for sharing rides with friends or taking public transit, thereby reducing their overall fuel emissions and alleviating traffic. 

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Launch Tennessee Makes First Impact Fund Investment, Hytch Rewards
LaunchTN.Org - Aug 15 2018

Hytch, LLC, a Nashville-based social impact technology company is the first recipient of an investment from the newly established Tennessee Impact Fund.  The new capital for Hytch, which brings the company's seed round to 145% of target, comes from a program managed by Launch Tennessee (LaunchTN), a public-private partnership fostering entrepreneurship.

“This is an exciting day,” said John Lanahan, director of capital formation.  “The idea, concept, and thesis of the Impact Fund has evolved over the last six months. Hytch is the perfect example of the type of company we want to support. They have a significant opportunity to address growing mobility issues that are plaguing many urban markets. And for every dollar of revenue Hytch generates, they can quantify the amount of associated impact for Tennessee or any market in which they operate.”

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Hytch Rewards Claims First 700 Tokens on C4Coin Blockchain
PRWEB July 31st 2018

CO2KN, developer of carbon-negative blockchain C4Coin, announced that Hytch Rewards will claim 700 of its CO2KN in the genesis block. The Hytch platform will generate carbon offsets based on ride sharing behavior of users.

Companies use the Hytch Rewards platform to incentivize employees and more directly connect them to the organization’s sustainability goals. Hytch buys carbon offsets and retires them on behalf of Hytch users, who see "trees saved" on their iPhone or Android app whenever they carpool, rideshare, or use participating public transit.

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Hytch Rewards Receives 2018 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award 
HYTCH July 9th 2018

Technology created by Hytch LLC and used by employers of all sizes to motivate smarter mobility decisions has earned this Nashville-based company the 2018 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award.  

Today's presentation by Governor Bill Haslam and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner Shari L. Meghreblian recognizes exceptional voluntary projects or initiatives that improve or protect our environment and natural resources. Hytch Rewards earned recognition in the category of Clean Air based on criteria that includes innovation, on-the-ground achievements and public education.

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Hytch Rewards Goes National with Sponsorship of Van’s Warped Tour

Van’s Warped Tour bands, fans, and staff will be able to earn rewards for carpooling as they travel cross-country for the Final Full Cross Country Tour of the legendary summer concert series. 

When fans use Hytch to ride-share on their way to the Van’s Warped Tour, they’ll earn cash rewards from Hytch and continue to save trees anywhere else they travel with two or more people. 

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Hytch Rewards Helps defeat Nashville Traffic
FOX 17 Nashville June 19, 2018

Fox 17 shares how Hytch is helping defeat Nashville traffic while paying users to share rides. 

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Hytch Makes Carpooling Pay in Tennessee
TRIPLE PUNDIT June 18, 2018

Mark Cleveland understands how hard it can be to get people and companies to make sustainable choices. The startup he founded, Hytch, has a solution that’s taking off fast: cold hard cash. To put it simply, Hytch pays people to carpool, or otherwise team up on their daily commutes. Since launching in February of this year, the company has logged an impressive 2 million miles of shared rides in the state of Tennessee and signed up more than 6,000 participants. It’s all made possible by the sponsorship of corporate partners looking to help employees and their communities make better, more efficient commuting choices.

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Ride-sharing startup Hytch Rewards pitches to industry    

Carpooling can help commuters save money, make friends or reduce their carbon footprint. But what if it also could be harnessed for industrial development?

That's part of the momentum behind Hytch Rewards, an app-based ride-sharing startup that pays participants cash per mile for linking up on their commutes.

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Community banks are embracing innovation to ease congestion in their communities

Franklin Synergy Bank and Reliant Bank are taking the term community bank to a whole new level. They are directly influencing community transit behavior and developing a “big picture” sustainability message through their sponsorship of the new smartphone app Hytch Rewards, which pays users to carpool. 

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2018 Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award Winners Announced
TN.GOV May 23, 2018

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner Shari Meghreblian today announced the winners of the 2018 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards. Winners will be recognized for their achievements and positive impact on the state’s natural resources in an awards ceremony to be held in Franklin on July 9, 2018.

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Reliant Bank Partners with Hytch to Offer Rewards for Ridesharing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Reliant Bank is paying incentives to motivate commuters to share rides in an eight-county area of Middle Tennessee and in Chattanooga’s Hamilton County. To help relieve traffic congestion and ease commutes, Reliant is partnering with Nashville-based Hytch Rewards, a free smartphone app that validates and rewards ridesharing behavior through synchronized GPS technology.

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Reliant Bank Partners with Hytch to Offer Rewards for Ridesharing
BUSINESS WIRE May 22, 2018

Reliant Bank is paying incentives to motivate commuters to share rides in an eight-county area of Middle Tennessee and in Chattanooga’s Hamilton County. To help relieve traffic congestion and ease commutes, Reliant is partnering with Nashville-based Hytch Rewards, a free smartphone app that validates and rewards ridesharing behavior through synchronized GPS technology.

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WSMV News 4, Nashville
NEWS CHANNEL 4 May 15, 2018

CARPOOL APP: ‘Hytch Rewards’ pays you to ride to work or school with friends.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Commuters across Middle Tennessee are jumping on a new trend during their ride to work by earning money to ride together.

An app called Hytch Rewards is changing the way Nashvillians drive to and from work by putting money in their pockets.

Hytch Rewards pays you for every mile you drive with at least one other person. And, you don't have to be in your car. You can earn rewards for taking an Uber with a friend or riding the bus.

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Hytch App Takes A Million Miles off the Road

The ridesharing app Hytch strives to make a big impact on traffic by connecting carpoolers, incentivizing people to rideshare and reducing the number of cars on the road.

Within a few months of launching their app, Hytch is celebrating a huge milestone – they’ve taken a million miles off the road!

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Businesses offer transit, carpooling incentives as recruitment, sustainability tool

Most mornings, at 6:30 a.m., Smryna resident Jansen Donsbach meets her sister-in-law, living in Murfreesboro, and they take turns driving one another to their jobs in Nashville on a shared, hour-long commute.

Donsbach works at the Tennessee State Capitol downtown as a legislative assistant and her sister-in-law works at a health care business on West End Avenue. By carpooling 1,300 miles this year, Donsbach has earned $80 in three months through a local corporate partnership meant to encourage transportation alternatives.

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Thompson’s Station mayor backs HOV enforcement, ride sharing incentives 

If you “run your mouth too much at a town hall meeting” what happens?

You get elected mayor, of course. Well, if you’re Thompson’s Station Mayor Cory Napier it happens that way, more or less.

Napier moved to Thompson’s Station from Green Hills 20 years ago “to get away from traffic.”

Imagine his frustration now that the traffic has followed him to the far south side of the greater Nashville area where his city is thriving and growing. With Interstates 65 and 840 passing through the town, population and congestion have greatly increased for the town that has “…a rural vibe with amenities.”

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Hytch Rewards: Cash Incentives for Carpools & Public Transit

As the “traffic problem” continues to grow in Nashville, the Hytch Rewards app has found a way to help decrease the number of cars traveling back and forth to work every day. Working with partners like Nissan, Sprint, Franklin Synergy Bank, Reliant Bank, David Lipscomb University and others, the Nashville-based social impact tech company has begun paying people to carpool and ride public transportation.

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Hytch reaches 100,000 mile ride-sharing milestone three weeks after launch

Nashville based social impact technology company Hytch, LLC and their partners have rewarded Tennessee commuters for sharing more than 100,000 miles in less than three weeks since launching their free smartphone app, Hytch Rewards, on Feb. 9, 2018.

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You Could Get Paid for Carpooling in Tennessee
THE NEWSWHEEL - Feb 27, 2018

If you live in a major metropolitan area, you have probably seen ads all around telling you to carpool. Not only does it help reduce traffic, but you are also shrinking your carbon footprint and your car could possibly qualify for a carpool lane. Even with all of those perks, many people choose to drive themselves to the office every morning. Maybe that will change when participants are given a financial incentive

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Nissan Offers Cash to Get People to Carpool  
PC MAGAZINE - Feb 5, 2018

Hytch app with Nissan Now a new app called Hytch is paying people to share rides by partnering with companies and organizations that want to promote carpooling for reasons such reducing traffic congestion, fuel usage, and tailpipe emissions. Hytch partners pony up cash rewards (and other incentives, ...)

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Nissan and Hytch Will Pay You to Carpool
CNET - Feb 1, 2018

Nissan is throwing its weight behind startup Hytch and its interesting Hytch Rewards program. Unlike other carpooling schemes, Hytch Rewards will pay drivers and riders -- likely family or coworkers -- to carpool. Hytch's CEO calls it "incentivized carpooling," which is smart, because sometimes the only way ...

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Hytch Rewards Carpooling With Cash, Collaborates With Nissan on a First-of-its-Kind Mobility Solution
NISSAN NEWS Jan 31, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan and Hytch have teamed up to offer a new way to get from "point A to point B" using cash rewards to promote carpooling. The goal is to reduce traffic and explore future mobility solutions...

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Nissan Launches Partnership With Local Carpooling Startup

Franklin-based Nissan North America Inc. and Hytch — a carpooling startup founded by local entrepreneur Mark Cleveland — want to pay you to share a ride. The automotive giant will now pay Hytch users 5 cents for each mile they share a ride with another person within Middle Tennessee, including if ...

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Nissan Backs App That Pays People To Carpool
THE DRIVE - Feb 1, 2018

Carpooling can help reduce traffic, but that doesn't mean people always want to do it. So Nissan is trying to give commuters near its North American headquarters in Tennessee an incentive. The automaker is partnering with Hytch Rewards, an app that pays people to carpool...

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Get Paid to Carpool With Hytch Rewards

Nissan and Hytch teamed up to offer a new way to get from “point A to B” using cash rewards to promote carpooling, a joint press release says. The goal is to reduce traffic and explore future mobility solutions...

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Nissan Wants To Pay You To Carpool
CARSCOOPS  Jan 31, 2018

The automaker [Nissan] has teamed up with up with Hytch to promote carpooling as a way to reduce congestion and explore future mobility solutions. As part of the initiative, the companies have launched the new Hytch Rewards app which aims to connect friends, co-workers and neighbors in an effort to get them to carpool together.

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Hytch Partners With Nissan to Tackle Traffic by Creating New ‘Culture in The Car’

Usually hitching a ride with popular driving services, requires one to grab for a pocket book. However, the new app Hytch to be launched next week offers another transportation solution – cash incentives for sharing a ride...

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Hytch Awarded “Emerging Company of the Year” by Nashville Technology Council

Jan 29, 2017

Nashville-based smartphone app incentivizes ridesharing through rewards platform.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 29, 2018)- The Nashville Technology Council (NTC) recognized Hytch, LLC, as the “Emerging Company of the Year 2018” at the 9th Annual NTC Awards Ceremony on Thursday, January 25th. Nashville-based technology company Hytch, LLC, presents a groundbreaking free iOS and Android application, called Hytch Rewards, engineered to incentivize positive transit behavior, reduce fuel emissions and alleviate traffic through sponsored cash rewards. Shared rides are tracked, verified and rewarded through first-of-its-kind synchronized GPS tracking technology.

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Nissan Partners With Rideshare App Hytch, Pays You to Carpool

After being recognized last week as the Nashville Technology Council’s 2018 “Emerging Company of the Year,” the rideshare application company Hytch Rewards revealed a new partnership with Nissan at the North American Headquarters in Cool Springs on Tuesday morning.

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Rep. Mike Sparks Talks About HOV Lane Violators

Picture yourself driving down I-24. Have you ever seen a car being pulled over from the HOV lane? Neither have we and Representative Mike Sparks has something to say about that.

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