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Did you know you can earn cash when you share a ride to campus?

To learn more about how the Hytch Rewards app works, check out the following links:
Hytch FAQ
Hytch Troubleshooting
App Demonstration - How It Works

When you share a ride to school and use Hytch Rewards, you'll earn CASH - it's that simple! You can even earn extra cash when you share a ride and park at the Woodmont Hills parking lot!

In order to qualify, you must register your L Number as a promo code on the app.
You'll earn cash when you share a ride & end at the following locations:
  • On-campus  parking lots
  • Shuttle parking  lots
  • Lipscomb Spark  parking lots
By using the Hytch Rewards app to track your shared miles, you’re accomplishing more than just earning some extra coin in your pocket! You are:
  • Taking single-occupancy vehicles off the road, which means reduced traffic congestion, increased parking spaces and improved air quality.
  • Joining Lipscomb efforts to reduce congestion and air pollution, to help educate and promote green practices.
  • Taking a zero-emissions trip, thanks to Hytch purchasing and retiring carbon credits to offset emissions.
  • Moving us one step closer to zero fatalities on the road, since shared rides are safer rides.
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