Unsuccessful Trips

Unsuccessful Trips

Are you having issues staying trips with your Hytch buddies? We've got some great tips to work on maximizing your logged trips.


The Hytch we started auto-ended while we were sitting in traffic.

If you are in complete standstill traffic for too long, the app may automatically end your Hytch ride. You’ll need to start a new Hytch once traffic gets moving again.

We don't support or recommend a driver using their smartphone while driving. If the driver of your carpool loses connectivity in a Hytch, please assist them in starting a new logged ride.


When I take a phone call or text while in a Hytch ride, I do not receive credit, or am kicked out of the ride.
  1. If you are using an iPhone and have Verizon as a cell carrier, you may have a setting on your phone that prevents GPS signals, data and calls or texts from being used at the same time. To check if this may be an issue, go to your phone Settings, select Cellular. Select Cellular Data Options> Enable LTE and select Voice and Data.
  2. Check the Hytch App settings in your phone by selecting Settings > Apps > Hytch Rewards. Ensure that the Hytch rewards app has access to Data and Location is set to “High frequency,” or “Most accurate.”
  3. Some Samsung Galaxy Notes don't allow Location Background processing all the time. To ensure the best connectivity, set your GPS and Location services to the highest possible setting.


My ride doesn't complete or drops in the middle of trips.

Whenever the Hytch team is alerted to repeated drops, our engineers work hard to find ways to update our platform to increase your trip's connectivity. Unfortunately, many cell phone providers do not share accurate coverage information and some cell service providers have large gaps in data coverage that can result in one or all of your Hytch buddies getting kicked out of a ride.

If you or someone you ride with is not connecting, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Gaps in cellular coverage over certain regions. Click here to find out more about the Bad Data gaps we've discovered in Tennessee since starting Hytch in February 2018.
  • Out of date hardware or software. Click here to check out troubleshooting tips for iPhones and some Androids.
  • If two or more users have different phones and/or operating systems, it can result in an early termination of your Hytch.

Note: If the Hytch Ride Host is the one that experiences a drop or voluntarily leaves the ride, the Hytch ends for everyone.


What is my GPS Accuracy Score?

The Hytch GPS Accuracy Score is an analysis of a handful of software, hardware and environmental factors that impact your connection to Hytch. Low scores reflect your risk of a disconnect. We suggest the person with the highest GPS Accuracy Score be the Host and initiate invitations.


How is my GPS Accuracy Score calculated?

GPS coordinates tell us when Hytchers are close enough to be in a successful Hytch. We call this the “Hytch Halo” and these factors matter:

  • Cellular network reliability - depending on your location, you may have a weak connection (or a hole) in your cell network.
  • Signal strength of your device - poor network connection for any reason will reduce your score.
  • Phone hardware - old phones with slow or outdated hardware will hurt performance.
  • Phone software - faulty settings and outdated software will hurt performance.
  • Connection to GPS satellite - extreme weather, passing through a tunnel, or traveling through downtown urban environments with tall buildings can factor into GPS accuracy.



How do I fix a low GPS Accuracy Score?

GPS Accuracy Scores can be affected by weather, data reception, and several factors on your personal smartphone. We recommend the person with the highest GPS accuracy score starting the Hytch. If that's not you, talk to your ride buddies.

Sometimes your personal technology is not compatible with the Hytch Rewards platform. From our experience, consider our suggestions below.

  • Upgrade your smartphone to a more reliable device.
  • Check your phone settings. We recommend turning OFF WiFi before starting trips.
  • Change cellular networks to get a better plan or data coverage.


Always remember: we are constantly updating our platform to bring users a better experience.


Our carpool group picked up a friend along the way but couldn't add them to our Hytch.

This feature will be available in a future update! In the meantime, if there are three or more people in your group, anyone (except the host) can leave the current Hytch to start a new Hytch with another passenger. If there are only two of you in the ride, you’ll need to end your current Hytch and start a new one with additional passengers.


We're no longer driving, but the app is still running. 

There will be a delay before the app to auto ends if you and your Hytch partners live or work within a short distance of one another. To manually end the ride, click the “LEAVE THIS RIDE” button.

If you're still having issues with your trips ending, please send us a detailed message using the form below with information about your trip.

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