Issues with Rewards

Issues with Rewards

If you're experiencing issues with earning rewards, please review the How It Works videos and read through our Troubleshooting techniques below.

If your employer is sponsoring rewards, please contact your HR representative or department to connect with us about your profile.


I don't get the same amount of points as other Hytch users in a shared ride. 

Every device sends different GPS location information. Due to each Hytch user's unique position in the ride, that information can vary. Other factors that can reduce rewards include your cellular service provider, phone manufacturer, and Hytch Rewards version.

Hytch Rewards sponsors also have the option to reward riders, driver, and combinations of the two for rides that meet their rules criteria.

We always strive to be on the cutting edge with the latest cellular technology. You can find Hytch Rewards app and platform updates in our What's New section.


I don't get the same amount of points from day-to-day even though I've traveled the same distance and started and ended at the same locations.

At any time, Hytch Sponsors may opt to change how their sponsor dollars are awarded through the Hytch app. This can result in varying rewards from day-to-day, or trip-to-trip, or even vary rewards between rider and driver.

This flexibility offers sponsors the ability to choose how they want to inspire positive change in traffic congestion, air quality, or even as a benefit for their employees. However, this flexibility also creates too many variables to ID exactly how many points you may earn on any particular trip.

The upside:   Every mile logged with Hytch is a   zero-emissions mile  AND whenever you complete a ride in a sponsored market you will be surprised and delighted by the points you earn that you can convert to cash.


If you have other issues with your rewards, please send a detailed message to our Hytch Support team using the form below.

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