Issues with Account Creation

Hytch Account Creation

To watch videos on how to start a Hytch, visit our How It Works tab.

If you have already watched the videos, we've got some quick tips to help you get started on your Hytch Rewards journey.


I do not receive text notifications to register with Hytch or join a Hytch from my Hytch buddy or group. 

If you do not receive text messages, you may have opted out of our text service previously. To restart Hytch SMS, text START to 888-729-3228.

Additionally, you may be experiencing a content block from your service carrier. If you are a T-Mobile customer, read more about how to troubleshoot   here. In order to solve this issue, get in contact with your service provider.

PRO TIP - Consider adding this number to your contacts list as something memorable, like "Hytch Invite." so you can easily ID the app invite texts when they come through!


I don't have anyone to Hytch with. Can I still get rewards?

We are not a ride matching or carpool matching service.

If you have a Facebook account, you can join our Facebook Group. At this time, we have the most users in Middle Tennessee. If you are outside of that area, please send us a note using our Contact Us form.


I have a new phone number.

If you have a new phone number and are a current user of Hytch, contact our Technical Support team to update your account with your new phone number so you DON’T lose your accumulated points, miles, or other rewards. We do not recommend creating a new Hytch account with your new phone number because we cannot merge accounts with different phone numbers.

If your email is also needing to be updated, you will need to update it AFTER we confirm the changes in your Hytch information is complete.

Reminder:  Hytch is focused on providing premiere privacy protection for your Hytch experience. You can read our   Privacy Policy  and   Terms of Service.


I have a different issue with my Hytch Account Creation.

If you're still having an issue, send us a support ticket using the form below.

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