How It Works

1 - Open the Hytch Rewards app
2 - Enter your phone number
3 - Enter confirmation code that was texted to you
4 - Allow notifications
5 - Allow location
6 - Let's Hytch!
7 - Enable Bluetooth
8 - Allow access to contacts
9 - Select Participants
10 - Select Driver
11 - Hytch is in progress!
12 - Finish ride

Welcome to Hytch Rewards! After reviewing this page, if you have additional questions, check out our   FAQ Page.  We also invite you to join our   Hytch Community-Middle TN facebook group   where app users are finding new friends to Hytch with. Life is better when we ride together!

Start Your First Hytch

You’re ready to start Hytchin’! Your first Hytch will only take 8 easy steps to set up and successfully track your shared miles using the Hytch Rewards app. Future Hytches require fewer steps!

  1. Open the Hytch Rewards app   and click the “Let’s Hytch” button. [Note: it only takes one (1) person in the group to start a Hytch. Everyone else will receive invitations to confirm the ride.]
  2. Allow Access to Contacts.   The first time you Start a Hytch, the app will ask to "Allow Hytch Rewards to access your contacts?"  Select yes, because this step makes it easier to invite your friends, family, and co-workers into a Hytch.   Please note that Hytch, LLC does not have access to your contacts’ information when you select “allow.”
  3. Select the people   you want to Hytch with. If you are inviting someone not already in your contacts list, type their phone number in the “search” bar, and click the “add” button. Once everyone is selected, press “continue.”
  4. Select the driver.   If you are in a carpool, select the toggle next to the driver’s name. If you are sharing a ride-hail service or using public transportation (no one in your group is driving), select the toggle next to the appropriate option, then press “continue.”
  5. Confirm your ride details.  Press “Start Hytch.”
  6. A text message will be sent to the people you invited.  [Note: We recommend saving the text phone number (via the app) to your contacts list as something recognizable, such as "Hytch Invite."]
  7. Allow Access to Location Services.   Before you begin your first Hytch, the app will ask you to "Allow Hytch Rewards to access this device's location?"  Select yes, because Hytch Rewards validates shared miles using GPS coordinates. Similar to when you "Allowed access to your contacts,".
  8. Enjoy the ride!    At the top of your screen you’ll see a message that says “waiting,” until at least one other person confirms your ride. That message will change to “Hytch in progress” once the ride is validated. When you start moving, you start earning points!

Cash Out

Congratulations! You’ve earned $10 or more, and probably saved a couple trees in the process. Thank you for helping to improve traffic congestion and air quality by sharing so many miles!  Now it’s time to cash out those well earned rewards, thanks to our   partners.

  • Click on the   Cash Out tab    inside the Hytch Rewards app. If you try to cash out too early, you’ll get a notification saying “Almost there!”
  • Click the   Redeem Cash button.
  • Enter and confirm the email address that you want payment details sent to.
  • Check your inbox for an email from PayPal, at which point you’ll walk through a few quick steps to transfer funds to your bank account!



The Hytch Rewards app is designed to automatically end after it has stopped moving for about 10 minutes, or when other people in the ride are too far apart. The app can also be manually ended by pressing the “LEAVE THIS TRIP” button on the progress screen. If more than three people are sharing a Hytch, anyone can leave the ride by selecting “LEAVE THIS TRIP” without affecting the other participants. The host will see a screen that says "FINISH THIS TRIP," which will end the Hytch for everyone in the group when selected.