Goodwill of Middle Tennesssee


Thank you for making the world smarter, safer and easier to navigate by ridesharing with Hytch. With Hytch Rewards, everyone earns cash when sharing a ride when arriving at Goodwill locations in Middle Tennessee!

In order to qualify, you must register your employee ID number as a promo code on the app. Your Goodwill employee ID number is found on your Goodwill Workday account.

By using the Hytch Rewards app to track your shared miles, you’re accomplishing more than just earning some extra coin in your pocket! You are:

  • Building community by giving a ride and/or sharing a ride to work.
  • Taking single-occupancy vehicles off the road, which means reduced traffic congestion and pollution, and increased parking spaces.
  • Building community by getting more friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers to spend more time together while traveling.
  • Taking a zero-emissions trip, thanks to Hytch purchasing and retiring carbon credits to offset emissions.
  • Moving us one step closer to zero fatalities on the road, since shared rides are safer rides.

Goodwill invites you to join us! Every time you use Hytch while sharing a ride to work, either with someone else or by using public transportation, you earn cash.

To learn more about how the Hytch Rewards app works, check out the following links:

Hytch FAQ page
“How It Works” page

Experiencing trouble with the app? Email tech support questions to