Frequently Asked Questions


How does the hytch rewards app work?

When two or more people connect in the Hytch Rewards app, your shared miles are validated through GPS tracking. You earn rewards based on the number of miles you validate using the app, and the value of the reward zone you end your ride in.


Where Are Rewards Available?

Rewards are currently available for rides that end in Tennessee, with a hot zone of rewards for rides that end in the 10 county area surrounding Nashville.

Hytch Rewards plans to become a global solution. Reward partners set the rules for where rewards are available. If you represent a company or organization that wants to bring rewards to your area, visit our Partner Page.


Can I use the app Where Rewards are not Available?

Yes! Although you may not be earning cash rewards, you’ll still be helping to alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality in your area! You can track your rides and see your carbon offset as number of trees saved! In the meantime, tell your employer about Hytch Rewards. Maybe they’ll become an Employee Partner!


How are my rewards tallied?

You earn rewards based on your end destination and the reward values sponsored for that region. All miles traveled to that destination (up to 50 miles) will be multiplied by the active rewards for that area.

Example: If you share a ride from Murfreesboro, TN to McMinnville, TN, you’ll earn $0.50. On the reverse route from McMinnville, TN to Murfreesboro, TN you would earn $2.50, because rewards are higher when ending a ride in Murfreesboro.



Municipalities, companies, and organizations all recognize the benefits that reduced traffic will have on our communities, environment, and personal well-being. That's why they sponsor geo-defined reward zones.

Thanks to Nissan, individuals can earn $0.01 per mile anywhere in Tennessee, and $0.05 per mile within the 10 county area known as Middle Tennessee. Other sponsors have layered on their rewards, allowing individuals to earn as much as $0.12 per mile in some areas! To see our full list of partners, visit our Partner Page!

Fun fact: Did you know that the average cost of gas is less than $0.10 per mile?


does the app only work with carpooling?

No. That's the beauty of it! So long as two or more people are connected and traveling together, the app works. Hytch Rewards was designed to work with all forms of shared transportation: carpooling, cabs, app-based ride-hailing, buses, trains, and self driving cars!


Can I get credit if I'm the only one in my group using the app?

A minimum of two people using the Hytch Rewards app is required to earn rewards for a shared ride.  It takes less than a minute to invite a contact to download the Hytch Rewards app and start tracking your shared ride! If someone in your group is not already in your contacts list, you can type in their phone number instead.


How can I find other people to connect with?

Part of our mission is to create a ridesharing culture and build a sense of community around it. The easiest way to find others is to invite the people you already know. Do you have a co-worker that you always pass on the interstate? Do you have neighbors that work in the same part of town as you? Do you see the same people on the train or bus every day? Do you have friends that regularly go to events with you? Invite them to Hytch!  

You can also request to join the Hytch Community facebook group. It is a forum of frequent Hytch community members who can ask questions, share answers, connect with others, and interact with the Hytch Rewards staff!


How does the environment benefit from Hytch Rewards?

More people getting around in fewer vehicles means reduced traffic congestion and reduced carbon emissions. Each ride shared by two people is a carbon neutral ride, and when three or more people share a ride, the trip becomes carbon negative!   


Using The App


I downloaded the Hytch Rewards app. What happens next?

To begin tracking your shared rides and building up your reward bank, download Hytch Rewards in the app store. After the app is downloaded, you’ll be asked to share your contacts and location. When you enter your phone number, you’ll be sent a verification code through text message to confirm your phone number. Next, you’ll enter your name and email address. That’s it! You are ready to start using Hytch Rewards!


How do I start a Hytch?

Open the Hytch Rewards app and click the “Let’s Hytch” button. (Note: it only takes 1 person in the group to start a Hytch. Everyone else will receive invitations to confirm the ride.) From there, you’ll be able to access your contacts list.

  1. Select the people you want to start a Hytch with. If you are inviting someone not already in your contacts list, type their phone number in the “search” bar, and click the “add” button. Once everyone is selected, press “continue.”

  2. Next, select the driver. If you are in a carpool, select the toggle next to the driver’s name. If you are sharing a ride-hail service or using public transportation (no one is the driver), select the toggle next to the appropriate option, then press “continue.”

  3. Next, confirm your ride details. (Note: if you use the public transportation or lyft/uber/cab option, you must be sharing a ride with at least one other person to earn rewards!) Press “Start Hytch.”

  4. Next, everyone needs to validate the shared ride. A text message will be sent to the people you invited. If someone does not yet have the Hytch Rewards app, the text will invite them to download the app. If they do have the app, their text message will ask them to confirm the ride.

  5. Enjoy the ride! At the top of your screen you’ll see a message that says “waiting,” until at least one other person confirms your ride. That message will change to “Hytch in progress” once the ride is validated. When you start moving, you start earning points!


How do I end my Hytch?

The Hytch Rewards app is designed to automatically end after it has stopped moving for 10 minutes, or when other people in the ride are too far apart. The app can also be manually ended by pressing the “Finish this Trip” button on the progress screen. If more than 3 people are sharing a Hytch, anyone can leave the ride by selecting “Leave this Ride” without affecting the other participants.


How do I redeem my rewards?

Hytch Rewards does all the work for you. Each time you use the app, it tallies your miles and what you qualified for, and converts that to points.  Points convert to cash rewards.  When you have earned $10 or more in rewards, you simply transfer the cash via PayPal to your bank account or credit card, and spend it however you want!


Why does the app ask me to share my contacts?

Disclaimer: Hytch, LLC does not have access to your contacts list when you allow access to your contacts list in the Hytch Rewards app.


Hytch Rewards is all about sharing rides with the people you already know. When you’re ready to start a Hytch, you’ll need to invite someone to share a ride through the app.  Hytch Rewards integrates with your contacts to make it easy to find friends, neighbors and co-workers you want to send an invitation to.  To invite someone who is not in your contact list, just enter their phone number in the search bar. If you plan to share rides with them regularly, you might want to add them to your contacts list. It’ll make it easier to connect with them later!


My employer is a sponsor. What does that mean?

If your company is an Employee Partner, you will receive a group code that you can enter into your Hytch profile. Each time you end a Hytch ride on your company campus, during working hours, the additional rewards provided by your employer will be added to your reward tally!




The Hytch Rewards app launched in February 2018, and our development team has big plans to continually improve the Hytch Rewards experience and app functionality. New technology thrives when the user community shares feedback, so please contact us at if you experience a glitch! You can also request to join the Hytch Community facebook group.  

In the meantime, below are some practical limits or challenges we are aware of:



  • Our carpool group picked up a friend along the way, but couldn’t add them to our Hytch.

    • This feature will be available in a future update! In the meantime, if there are 3 or more people in your group, one can leave the current Hytch to start a new Hytch with the new passenger. If there are only 2 of you in the ride, you’ll need to end your current Hytch and start a new one with your additional passenger.

  • We are no longer driving, but the app is still running.

    • It may take up to 10 minutes for the app to auto end if you and your Hytch partners live or work within a short distance of one another. To manually end the ride, click the “Leave This Ride” button.

  • Our Hytch auto ended while we were sitting in traffic.

    • If you are in complete standstill traffic for too long (over 10 minutes), the app may automatically end your Hytch ride. You’ll need to start a new Hytch once traffic gets moving again.

  • My friend and I shared a ride, but earned different points.

    • Different phone carriers use different towers to triangulate their GPS. This may cause GPS tracking to be off by slight amounts, which can cause rewards to be tallied differently. Slight differences in miles and rewards are natural, but please let us know if you ever experience a major discrepancy.

  • I thought I could use the app to find other carpoolers nearby. Why can’t I find that feature?

    • The original concept behind Hytch was to help individuals locate people nearby to carpool with. The new Hytch Reward platform focuses solely on rewarding ridesharing behavior when individuals who already know each other choose to carpool. The original matching feature may be re-incorporated into the Hytch Rewards app, in the future, for those who want to use that kind of service. In the meantime, spread the word to your friends, family, and co-workers about how you can start earning rewards for ridesharing with Hytch Rewards.


Known Issues (We’re working on it!)

  • My ride ended when I made or received a phone call (applies to some networks).

    • This is caused by network settings in your phone that prevent data usage during phone calls.

  • When our ride ended, everyone had points for the ride, except me.

    • This is caused when both driver and passenger press the “leave this ride” button within 20 seconds of one another. Until the glitch is resolved, only one person needs to “end” the ride, or let it auto end 10 minutes after your ride is complete.

  • My app says I have not earned any trees (or partial trees) yet.

    • It takes about 25 miles to shave a tree. The decimals are not loading, and we are working to resolve this issue.

  • My trip ended unexpectedly in the middle of our Hytch.

    • If your network has spotty GPS tracking, the app may believe you left the ride. We are working to continually improve and overcome nuances with GPS from different networks.




How can my company become a Hytch Rewards partner?

There are many ways to get involved! Become a destination partner by rewarding individuals who end their rideshare in a specific area (counties, cities, venues). Become an employee partner and reward your employees for choosing to rideshare to work. Become a parking partner and install designated Hytch "Carpool Parking" signs on your lot. Become an event partner by inviting Hytch Rewards to set up an informational booth at your event!

Have a unique partnership idea of your own? We want to hear it! Fill out our Partner Request Form.


Have Other Questions?

We are here to help! Send us your questions and ideas. We’ll get back with you shortly! If you need to report an issue with the app, please include as much detail about your experience as you can, such as:

  • when the issue occurred

  • the type of phone you use

  • the network you are on

  • how many people were connected with you

  • whether or not others in your group experienced the same issue

  • what region you were traveling in

  • etc...

The more information we have, the more quickly our team and work to resolve the issue. Thank you!

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