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Yes we do. It may sound crazy, but we believe it takes an out-of-the-box solution to solve a problem as big as traffic. People want to do the right thing, and sometimes they just need a little extra incentive. Hytch is the world’s first technology platform specifically created to track and reward people for sharing a ride because they are doing their part to defend clean air and defeat traffic for everyone.

how do i get started?

To begin tracking your shared rides and building up your reward bank download Hytch, available on Android and IOS. Follow the link HERE to access our new user tutorial guide.


Download Hytch on IOS or Android and begin tracking your rides. Every mile correlates to one point reward credit. However, some situations allow for added bonuses that earn more. Bonus incentives can be created by the city you live in, or by your employer to incentivize ridesharing. New incentives can show up anytime. More points means more cash in your pocket!

How do I receive my reward?

Hytch is the tracking tool and reward transfer platform.  When your points reach the minimum distribution level, we automatically send you a virtual prepaid cash card through the app.  Go spend your money where credit cards are accepted.

I’m riding to lunch with a friend.  How do we both get credit?

It takes TWO people using the Hytch app for anyone to earn a reward.  It takes less than a minute to invite your friend to download Hytch and start tracking your shared ride.  Simply send them an invite from inside the app and the system knows that you invited them to join this ride.  They accept and you go!

Made in Music City: Hytch

With limited mass transit options, we share the road everywhere we go. Why write a blues song about our traffic sorrows when we can work together and fix it instead! Hytch is the solution, created as a universal platform for managing incentives to reward people in your company and community when they share a ride.  Founded and created right here in Nashville, TN. Download for free on Android or iOS.

Community and Business

Who wins?

Everyone!  By rewarding participants who use the platform, Hytch reduces traffic congestion, greenhouse gasses and time of travel for everyone, without increasing infrastructure costs.

Why do companies sponsor Hytch?

Companies sponsor cash incentives and set their own rules for rewarding a driver or passenger based on what they believe will motivate people to achieve.  In the process, they are connecting their brand to localized consumer activity that builds awareness at the point of reward. The fact that this is good for the community is an obvious bonus!  Smart employers are looking for tools to address congestion, reduce their carbon footprint and ease employee stress levels.

Why do local government leaders support Hytch?

Because they are leaders. Federal, State and local communities offer grants to achieve goals they set to cost effectively and rapidly influence transit behaviors.

What kind of companies value a platform like Hytch?

Organizations that value NOx, greenhouse gas or carbon credits contract to acquire emission credits generated by the participants.

How do I sign up my company?

Follow the link HERE to open our “Partnership” page! Share more about your company and we’ll take the next steps together!

Where are Hytch rewards available?

Hytch rewards are available in the greater Nashville area, with thanks to our investors and thought leaders in companies that take a leadership role in addressing congestion.  This project is funded in part under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee.  A Federal program called the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality maintenance grant (“CMAQ”) is administered by the Tennessee Department of Transportation playing an important role in helping us focus our resources in Middle Tennessee.  We plan to be a global solutions provider and many communities have already reached out to Hytch to import our technology and address their traffic concerns.

What other services does Hytch provide to a company?

Hytch offers Transportation Demand Management ("TDM") professionals the tools they need to implement and manage change in transit habits. We charge competitive TDM consulting, education and marketing deployment fees for use of our platform.


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