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How does the hytch rewards app work?

When two or more people connect through the Hytch Rewards app, it validates through GPS tracking that you're traveling together. As you pass through sponsored areas, or end your ride in a sponsored zone, the miles you traveled together are tallied up and credited to your Hytch Rewards account as cash rewards. So long as you're Hytching anywhere in Tennessee, you're earning cash rewards!



We believe it takes an out-of-the-box solution to solve a boxed-in problem as big as traffic. People want to do the right thing, and sometimes they just need a little extra incentive. Municipalities, companies, and organizations all recognize the benefits that reduced traffic will have on our communities, environment, and personal well-being. That's why they sponsor geo-defined areas. Thanks to Nissan North America, Hytchers earn $0.01 per mile anywhere in Tennessee, and $0.05 per mile within the 10 county area known as Middle Tennessee. Other sponsors add their rewards to the Nissan reward, allowing Hytchers to earn $0.12 or more per mile in some areas!

Fun fact: Did you know that the average cost of gas is less than $0.10 per mile?


how do i get started?

To begin tracking your shared rides and building up your reward bank, download Hytch Rewards, available on Android and iOS, then connect with your existing contacts to start a ride. If you are ridesharing with someone who has not yet downloaded the app, they'll receive a text message to download it, and off you go! There is no need to start or end your ride in the app. Once you're connected, the app automatically tracks through GPS when your ride starts and ends. It's all about simplicity, convenience, and rewarding positive transit decisions!

Hytch Rewards will be available in app stores starting early 2018. In the meantime, subscribe to get notified as soon as the app is available for download!


How do I Redeem my rewards?

Hytch Rewards does all the work for you. Each time you use the app, it tallies your miles and converts them to cash rewards based on your route. When you have earned $10 or more in rewards, you simply transfer the cash to your registered PayPal or other cash transference account, and spend it however you want!


Can I get credit for ridesharing if i'm the only one with the app?

A minimum of two people using the Hytch Rewards app is required to earn rewards for a shared ride.  Fortunately, it takes less than a minute to invite a contact to download the Hytch Rewards app and start tracking your shared ride! If you're ridesharing with more than two people, you do not have to connect with everyone, only the people you know. So long as everyone is connected with at least one other person on the ride, everyone gets rewarded! 


Does the app only work with carpooling?

No! That's the beauty of it! So long as two or more Hytchers are connected and traveling together, the app works. Time and technology constantly change how people travel, which is why Hytch Rewards was designed to work with all forms of shared transportation:  carpooling, cabs, app-based ridesharing (like Lyft and Uber), buses, trains, and self driving cars!


Where was the app developed?

Right here in Music City: Nashville, TN! We are a local company with global ambitions. It's time to stop writing the blues about traffic, and start working together to become the solution! Download the app for free on Android or iOS.


How does Hytch Rewards benefit the environment?

More people getting around in fewer vehicles means reduced traffic congestion, reduced parking shortages, reduced fuel emissions, and reduced stress, without increased infrastructure costs. To take it a step further, Hytch Rewards purchases carbon credits to offset every driver mile, for a truly carbon neutral trip. 


How can my company become a hytch rewards partner?

There are many ways to get involved! Become a regional partner and offer rewards for shared miles. Become a destination partner by rewarding individuals who chose to rideshare to specific areas (counties, cities, venues). Become an employee partner and reward your employees for choosing to rideshare to/from work or lunch. Become a parking partner and install designated Hytch "Carpool Parking" signs on your lot. Become an event partner by inviting Hytch Rewards to set up an informational booth at your event and help spread the word! Have a unique partnership idea of your own? We want to hear it! Fill out our Partner Request Form.


Where are Hytch rewards available?

Hytch Rewards are available throughout Tennessee, with a hot zone of rewards throughout Middle Tennessee and the Greater Nashville area.  However, we plan to quickly become a global solution, so stay tuned and follow us on socials (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin). 


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