Parking Day 2017

September is always one of our favorite times of the year! Our team has the honor and challenge of transforming a regular parking spot on Broadway into an engaging and enjoyable parklet. This transformation and Global event gives individuals passing by, a peak into how a city is capable of transforming into a more sustainable environment. We love having the opportunity each year to share how Hytch is changing and growing Nashville as well as provide a fun space for visitor to talk a load off!


Cumberland Region Tomorrow

Hytch was a proud sponsor of Cumberland Region Tomorrow 2017, our team was able to shake hands and discuss the future plans for Hytch with our regions County, City, Transportation and Municipal leaders. We have come a long way as a city over the past couple of years and are most excited for what is yet to come. Having the support our of Nashville community means the world to us, and we always love the opportunity to interact and share what new innovations Hytch has in store for the future!