California Clean Air Day

Hytch Sponsors Up To 1 Million Shared Miles with
Carbon Offsets AND Cash for California Clean Air Day

Help Hytch reach   One Million Shared Miles for California's Clean Air Day by tracking your shared rides through the Hytch Rewards mobile app.

Every Mile Shared is a  Zero-Emissions Mile
Hytch will sponsor every mile that is shared and logged through the Hytch Rewards app with carbon offsets, making every mile carbon neutral.

Earn Cash Rewards on Clean Air Day
Hytch will additionally sponsor every mile logged in California for Clean Air Day with cash rewards!

What's the goal?

To get users to help reduce carbon emissions by sharing One Million Miles during the day's commute. Hytch will reward every app user who participates in logging their carbon-zero miles. Imagine earning zero-emission miles, saving trees, and earning cash rewards when you carpool or take mass transit with someone. Learn more about California Clean Air Day here.

When is Clean Air Day?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Hytch anywhere! Share a ride with at least one other person to work, school, or around town to reward the environment and yourself all day long.


These initiatives include all carpools to and from work, the grocery store, and anywhere folks ride together in the entire state of California, from Baja to Big Bear, and Beyond!

How do I  participate?

Download the FREE Hytch Rewards app in  Google Play or the Apple Store now. Invite someone to ride with you on October 3rd.

Clean Air Day is about Community

"California Clean Air Day is a multifaceted program built on the idea that shared experiences unite people to action to improve our community health. This statewide effort will allow individuals and communities across the state to participate in ways that make sense for them. Clean Air Day is a project of the Coalition for Clean Air."

Learn more here.

Want to partner with Hytch? 

Join the Hytch partner network and become an "Agent of Change". Deploy rewards to support your sustainability initiative, engage or recruit employees, or use your funds to advertise to a growing community of users. It's all possible when you become a partner.