Hytch’s Day-to-Day Interns

Leading up to the start of the Fall semester of 2016, we had a great influx of applications from a diverse handful of top universities throughout Nashville and Middle TN region. After several weeks of narrowing down the top candidates, we arrived at a core team of five! Our Day-to-Day Interns saw the most action […]

Hytch Brand Ambassador

Hytch Fall 2016 Internship Program

Hytch recognized the necessity for a high level of community engagement and made the strategic decision to create alliances with institutions throughout the Nashville and Middle TN by recruiting young, bright and eager to learn students. Developing and executing this internship program would allow students to experience growing a business first hand as well as […]

Sharing to Help Solve the Snarls of Nashville Traffic

Three questions with Mark Cleveland about his push to build carpooling app Hytch AUTHORS Geert De Lombaerde Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have thoroughly disrupted the short-distance travel market, but aren’t suited to the everyday travels of suburban commuters. Enter local entrepreneur Mark Cleveland, who has been pitching his free Hytch carpool networking […]

How Hytch Is Making Carpooling Awesome

There was a time when coworkers and neighbors would come together and share a commute in order to save on time and gas. We hear stories of tight knit communities and friendships that have lasted for decades as a result of carpooling relationships from a different time. Then, there was a change. People became obsessed […]