Loyalty Programs and Gamification in Public Transit

Hytch works as a loyalty program for transportation because it is Simple. Digital. Valuable. WeGo Public Transit is just one organization that has benefitted from partnering with Hytch, “The program is working well and has been well received by riders… [and] we’ve calculated over $55,000 in earned media value” according to Stephen Bland, WeGo’s CEO. Hytch […]


Dick Pedersen spent his entire career as a public servant and served as Director of Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality for 8 years before retiring.  During his tenure as Director he focused his time on reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment by working to ensure Oregon operated under the California Low Emission Vehicle Standard […]


John Schroer was appointed Commissioner of Transportation by Governor Bill Haslam in January 2011 and served until December 2018. He was the 29th commissioner of the state agency that oversees a statewide transportation system including highways, rail, airports, waterways and transit. On the national level, Schroer served as the 2017/2018 President of the American Association […]