Carpooling apps ‘lyfting’ commuting burdens for employers

Three months ago, Onin began offering Hytch, a smart phone application that pays employees several cents per mile to carpool, to workers at a Nissan manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. Thomas is hoping that Hytch will become a way to reduce the cost of transportation, and make sure employees keep showing up for work. Continue […]

The Day Our World Melted Down

This is a personal reflection on the toughest day I never imagined. My team had a great holiday.  Hytch Rewards has been hitting on ALL CYLINDERS and a very talented team came to work today, relaxed and ready for our typical challenges and a SHORT work week. We were FLAT NOT READY for today.  I […]

Riding public transit can now earn you cash rewards

There’s now a new opportunity to help with traffic and help you earn cash. The rewards come from a new partnership between WeGo Public Transit and the rideshare app Hytch. Hytch rewards carpoolers, and now it’s expanding to some public transit routes. People who ride the Music City Star and the circuit busses downtown are […]