Carpooling with Mayor Rogers Anderson

Mayor of Williamson County, and current Chairman of Mayor’s Caucus of Middle Tennessee While Hytchin’ with Carissa Biele, Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson is quick to admit that he’s participated in hitching before. Hitching with an “I”? — Shady. Hytchin with a “Y”? — Smart. While sharing a ride through busy streets of Williamson County, […]

Ridesharing with Ralph Schulz

President & CEO – Nashville Chamber of Commerce If you’re considering joining in a contest of Nashville trivia, make sure Ralph Schulz is on your team!  As President and CEO of the Nashville Chamber, he specializes in all things Nashville — facts, statistics and information about Nashvillians’ lifestyles are essential to his work for the […]

Starting a Hytch with Bill Ketron

Tennessee State Senator – Elected to Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron Makes Transportation a Signature Issue in Campaign Rutherford County is now the fifth-most populated county in Tennessee and 85 percent of Murfreesboro commuters drive to work alone. That adds up to “gridlock” on Rutherford County roads, says Mayor Bill Ketron.  The former State Senator […]

“Earth Overshoot Day?” What’s that?

Have you heard of ”Earth Overshoot Day?” No? You are not alone and that is a big problem. “Earth Overshoot Day” is the date each year that the human population uses up more resources than nature can renew for that year. In 2017, our “Earth Overshoot Day” was August 2nd. This is the earliest day […]