Ride together. Earn rewards.

Hytch Rewards is a free app for iPhone and Android that lets you earn cash rewards anytime two or more people share a ride, whether you carpool, rideshare or use public transit!


    Use the app to validate shared rides with other users.



    Earn mile-by-mile cash rewards from our community sponsors.



    Redeem your cash in $10+ increments via PayPal.


    Great companies and community partners have come together to reward individuals who choose to share rides as part of the solution to traffic congestion. Whether through carpooling, sharing a ride-hailing service, or taking advantage of public transportation options like buses and trains, these companies have come together to show their appreciation for helping to develop a transit ridesharing culture!

    Thanks to Nissan North America, app users ending their Hytch in the  Middle Tennessee region between Monday-Friday currently earn $0.04 per mile, $0.03 per mile in Davidson County or $0.01 for every shared mile (up to 25 miles), any day of the week, ending in the state of Tennessee! Additional partners have layered on their rewards for specific regions, days of the week, times of the day, or mode of transportation. For example, Shelby and Knox county commuters can also earn additional rewards Monday-Friday thanks to Sprint by Absolute Wireless, and some sponsors offer additional rewards to their employees using a group code.

    This means that with every Hytch ride you'll be surprised and delighted by different rewards, depending on when and where you Hytch to!

    Want Hytch Rewards in your region? Contact us to learn more.

    Hytch Rewards is all about rewarding behavior that benefits everyone.



    We all want to be part of the solution, but it helps to get some positive reinforcement to encourage us along the way. That's Hytch Rewards.




    More shared rides means fewer vehicles on the road. This means less carbon emissions, cleaner air quality and a healthier environment. Everyone wins.



    Hytch Rewards is designed to share. Each time we invite a friend, neighbor or coworker to share a ride, we multiply the benefits. Everyone gets rewarded.

    Hytch is absolutely poised in the right spot to make a great impact on the future of personal mobility.
    — Thomas Brewer Associate Vice President Executive Director TCIM – Tennessee Center for Intelligent Mobility
    Hytch Rewards leverages technology to build habits that Benefit people and the planet.
    — Matthew Bourlakas, CEO and Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee
    With Hytch Rewards we can all be a part of the solution AND get paid for it!
    — Julie Holt, Nashville Commuter

    Earn a minimum of 1¢ per mile anywhere in Tennessee!


    Thanks to our partner, Nissan!