Ride together. Earn rewards.

Hytch Rewards is a free iOS and Android app that allows individuals to earn mile-by-mile cash rewards when two or more people share a ride (carpool, rideshare, public transit)! Coming to Tennessee in early 2018, get notified as soon as the app is available for download!

How it works:


Hytch Rewards validates your shared ride with other users.


earn Rewards

Earn mile-by-mile cash rewards from our partners.



Transfer your earned cash rewards in $10 increments.


It's that simple!

Reward Partners

To help alleviate Middle Tennessee’s traffic congestion issue, some great companies and community partners have come together to reward individuals who choose to rideshare as part of the solution. Each Hytch partner contributes cash rewards for miles shared through specific geographic regions.

  • Regional rewards: rewards for any miles traveled through a designated region
  • Destination rewards: rewards for any miles to a specific destination
  • Employee rewards: rewards to partner employees when they rideshare to/from work


Other Rewards
Hytch users can earn additional non-cash rewards and perks:

  • Exclusive Hytch parking spots at venues, campuses, malls, and more!
  • Giveaways and prizes for completing surveys and polls through the Hytch Rewards app
  • Frequent users earn Hytch Rewards swag

Positive Impact

Hytch Rewards is about more than earning rewards. When you use Hytch Rewards, you become part of the positive impact in our community.



Traffic doesn’t have to be stressful. Travel time becomes face time when people ride together. Co-workers, neighbors, and friends form deeper connections through more frequent conversations... so enjoy the ride!




By ridesharing you’re reducing carbon emissions with fewer vehicles on the road. Hytch Rewards goes one step further by purchasing carbon credits for each driver mile, for a truly carbon neutral ride.



Getting around is expensive. When co-workers and neighbors rideshare to and from work or events, it helps to reduce the cost. When using Hytch Rewards, those costs get reimbursed, too!


Rewarding positive behavior is the fastest way to defeat traffic in our cities.
— Mark Cleveland, Co-Founder & CEO at Hytch
Hytch Rewards leverages technology to build habits that benefit people and the planet.
— Matthew Bourlakas, CEO at Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee
With Hytch Rewards we can all be a part of the solution AND get paid for it!
— Julie Holt, Nashville Commuter

Get 5 cents per mile anywhere in Middle Tennessee!


(Thanks to our sponsor, Nissan North America!)